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Real Estate Law Society

Driven by constant change, the real estate industry inevitably brings forth challenges that entail the interaction of various actors.  From government officials to real estate developers, architects to engineers; the real estate industry has the ability to create enormous opportunities for bettering communities; providing employment; and creating places of recreation and commerce.  

Real estate lawyers are at the forefront of every deal, unafraid to tackle these challenges and working diligently to redefine the built environment.  From analyzing joint venture agreements to litigating complex class actions, no two days are the same for real estate attorneys.     

The Real Estate Law Society at Loyola Law School is founded on three primary aims: 

  1. to connect students with professionals in the various industries that encompass the real estate law profession (e.g., land use, entitlements, environmental, commercial, construction, landlord-tenant, Capital Markets, financing, etc.);
  2. bring awareness, through the use of engaging speakers, of the various current and future developments in real estate law; and
  3. provide an outlet for students to ask questions and interact with peers who come with various sorts of experiences (e.g., some want to learn more about real estate, others have interned at real estate law firms, while others are working professionals).