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Information for Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff members are often a first point of contact for students in the reporting process, and having the correct information and tools for support is critical. A student may come to you seeking emotional support, requesting extensions for assignments or examinations, or looking for resources. The incident they disclose may have been recent, in the past or even ongoing. The best way you can assist them is to listen without judgment, to provide support and to direct them to resources.

Responsible Employee

Every Loyola Law School faculty and staff member (with the exception of those listed as Confidential and Private Resources) is considered a “responsible employee” and must promptly report to Security all cases brought to them. Call Campus Safety & Security at (213) 736-1121 (or ext. 1121 from a campus phone). The report must be made to Security. Reporting to any other faculty or staff member, even a Dean, is not sufficient.

Steps to Take

If a student comes to you with a complaint about sexual misconduct or interpersonal misconduct, follow these steps:

  1. Before a student reveals any information to you that they may wish to keep confidential, make them aware that you are obligated to report the incident to Security, including the identities of the parties involved as well as other facts that you are told about the date, time and location of the incident.
  2. If a student has already shared information with you before you explain your reporting requirement, you can tell the student you are obligated to report the information you already received about the incident to Security as outlined above. The student can request that the Law School maintains confidentiality during the investigation, which the Title IX Coordinator will take into consideration. Do not pressure the student to request confidentiality or to make a full report if they are not ready to do so.
  3. If a student does not wish to discuss the details of an incident with you and wishes to keep the incident confidential or private, the student can turn to confidential and private Resources and an investigation will not be automatically triggered. You may also direct students to off-campus resources.
  4. If the student decides to discuss the incident with you, promptly report the incident to Security at (213) 736-1121. If the student requests confidentiality, make Security aware of their request.

Questions & Additional Information

Contact the Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Matthew Riojas in the Office of Student Affairs at (213) 736-8152.