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Disability Accommodations

Student Accessibility Services

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is the arm of the Student Affairs Office that works with licensed professional consultants to review requests for disability accommodations. SAS works to ensure that accommodations are provided to students who have established a disability that limits them in a major life activity. Students who wish to apply for an accommodation may do so on a voluntary, self-identifying basis through the SAS Online portal. The portal is also for students applying to be note-takers.

Student Accessibility Services (Located in the Office of Student Affairs)
(213) 736-8151

Accommodations are granted to provide a fair and equal opportunity to access the Law School curriculum and program. Reasonable accommodations are available to meet the needs of individual students. This may include, but is not limited to adjustments to a student's course load or class schedule, access to notes and other in-class resources, adaptive aids, and examination accommodations. The Law School is also committed to supporting students who require a service animal. In providing reasonable accommodations, Loyola Law School reserves the right not to waive any requirements essential to the curriculum or the Law School’s educational mission.