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Resources & Reporting


There are a number of people and resources available to students who have experienced sexual or interpersonal misconduct.


Loyola Law School and Loyola Marymount University encourage students to report any sexual or interpersonal misconduct even if you are not the person who experienced the misconduct. Students who are unsure whether what they experienced, witnessed or what has been reported to them constitutes sexual or interpersonal misconduct should still report the incident.

File a report with Campus Safety and Security (Security) either in person (office is located on the ground floor of the parking garage), by phone at (213) 736-1121, with the Deputy Title IX Coordinator Matthew Riojas in the Office of Student Affairs, or with the University Title IX Coordinator Sara Trivedi. There is also an online option through Callisto (see above). Please note that certain faculty and staff are obligated to report information to Security (see "Faculty & Staff" above). Once Security receives a report, they will alert the Title IX Coordinator or designee who will discuss with you the availability of supportive measures (regardless of whether you agree to be interviewed by Security or opt to file a formal complaint).