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Intellectual Property and Cybersecurity Law Society (IPCLS)

The Intellectual Property and Cybersecurity Law Society (IPCLS) has been established to educate and encourage students to learn how intellectual property law and cybersecurity law impact innovation, technology and culture.  The focus of the society is to provide students with the means to explore intellectual property related topics through seminars, academic journals, and internships.  Major topics of interest include: patents, copyrights, trademarks, licensing, trade secrets, technology, cybersecurity, and new cases and legislation impacting any of these.  However, neither intellectual property nor cybersecurity exist in a vacuum, it is intertwined with all aspects of society.  The group will share with students the challenges and advances to the law presented by the interest in both case law and statutory law. Possible issues discussed may include internet and technology issues, entertainment issues, and proprietary interests in intellectual property reform.   A secondary goal of our organization is to work with other student organizations and present how intellectual property and cybersecurity impact their area of expertise or may impact those areas in the coming years