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Student Organization In-Person Off-Campus Events Policy

The State of California, Los Angeles County, neighboring counties, the City of Los Angeles and neighboring cities continue to prohibit and/or limit social gatherings of individuals who are not part of the same household or small social bubble. All students hosting student organization or other school-sponsored events must comply with the law and local public health guidance. This policy governs student organization events. Any student organization found to be in violation of this policy may be subject to sanctions, including revocation of funding and recognition of the organization’s charter.

  1. Student organizations should not engage in, sponsor or promote any activities prohibited by law. The law school will not reimburse costs associated with activities prohibited by law, including social and other gatherings of student organization members. Student organizations are strongly encouraged to seek prior approval of expenses to ensure the contemplated expenses are eligible for reimbursement.
  2. Students should be aware that the law school, its faculty, and its staff may not promote or encourage participation in any activities prohibited by law, and are not authorized to promote or encourage activities that undermine public health guidance.
  3. The law school strongly encourages student organizations to host events virtually. Upon request, the Student Affairs Office can provide guidance to student organizations planning virtual events.
  4. Student organizations may want to engage or coordinate participation in a legally authorized non-social activity that involves in-person contact with others to provide a permissible or essential service (e.g., serving as poll workers in the November election; volunteering together at a food bank). Student organizations may reimburse members’ out-of-pocket expenses related to a permissible or essential service activity provided the reimbursement has been approved by the SBA budgeting process, the student organization board, or the Office of Student Affairs. Reimbursement requests for reasonable individual expenses incurred to facilitate safe student participation (e.g., extra gloves or masks; a parking allowance so students can avoid public transportation; a food allowance so students can purchase their own lunch during a break) must be accompanied by an original receipt. Students are eligible to earn pro bono credit for hours worked in connection with any such permissible or essential activity to the extent they would be otherwise under the Pro Bono Graduation Requirement policy.
  5. Student organizations should not conduct social gatherings in conjunction with an otherwise permissible activity, and will not be reimbursed for any costs that ultimately convert the permissible activity into a social gathering (e.g., “box lunches for after our volunteer shift,” or “donuts for when we meet and then split up before heading to our poll sites”).